Head of the Fish 2020 (Virtual Event)

October 30 - November 2, 2020

A body of water near you | Home Town, NU

Head of the Fish 2020 - The Virtual Halloween edition

In this extraordinary year, the Head of the Fish will be running a different type of regatta! A spooktacular event on Halloween weekend! All competitors (from around the world!) will be offered the chance to win one of the famous fish head trophies while competing virtually on their home water. As it is Halloween weekend, prizes will also be awarded to the fan favorite costumes. In a year where there is a lot that has been missed, lets not miss out on the fun. Coordinate with your pod of rowing friends, dress up to bring smiles to yourselves and the rowing community, and make your boats go fast! When you boil it down - in the fall - through rowing, we find social connection, work hard to go fast, and have fun... then we look on our phone and wait to see how we did. Head of the Fish 2020 - same as it ever was (but spookier) Race Date: From Friday morning Oct 30th at 6 am eastern standard time through Sunday afternoon Nov 1st at 11:59 pm eastern standard time. Race Distance: 3200 meters exactly as recorded by a GPS of your choosing. Head of the Fish is sponsored by Coxmate GPS. If you need a gps to record your time, the Coxmate GPS is our GPS of choice. Accurate and AFFORDABLE, we use them in Saratoga - especially this summer when we had LOTS of singles on the water. Race Format: During the window described above, each crew can compete in as many races for you wish to register, or try a few times to achieve better scores in one race on different days (you only need to submit your fastest time). It is allowed to race in multiple races and it is encouraged (but not required) to race in costume. Times and pictures of your time on GPS will be submitted via a google form along with costumed crew pictures and video (the crew pictures and video will open you up for additional prizes, but are not required). Race results: Our team of eagle eyed timers and professional judges will review the times in each event and select the cream of the crop of costumes. The winning times will be posted with the winners receiving a fish head trophy.. the top costumes will be voted upon by the public on the @saratogarowing instagram feed. Winning costumes will receive prizes as well. Erging?: We are fortunate in the northeast USA to be able to run a few types of boat classes on the water, we understand that some programs are still in singles or even off the water. We do have 3 events to be completed on the ergometer. The ERG single = 3200 meters all by yourself The ERG Mixed quad = 3200 meters as 4x800 meters. 2 men, and 2 women. doing 800 meters each The ERG eight = 3200 meters as 8x400 meters. 8 people doing 400 meters each and one coxswain good at math This is not a trick! Head of the Fish 2020 is the treat that will make Halloween 2020 one to remember for what we DID to instead of what we DIDN'T do. Start planning your costumes now.

General Info:

  • Host/LOC: Saratoga Rowing Assoc
  • General Registration: September 25, 2020 12:00 AM - October 29, 2020 12:00 AM
  • Late Registration: October 29, 2020 - November 3, 2020
  • Lineups Due: October 30, 2020
  • Scratch Starting: September 26, 2020
* All dates and times shown in EDT

Event Classes:

  • Juniors: Yes
  • HS/Scholastic: No
  • Collegiate: No
  • Open: Yes
  • Masters: Yes
  • Elite: No
  • Adaptive: Yes

Boat Fees:

  • Eight: $50.00
  • Four: $40.00
  • Pair: $30.00
  • Octuple: $0.00
  • Quad: $40.00
  • Triple: $0.00
  • Double: $30.00
  • Single: $20.00
Teams 96 Entries 882